Data Transfer Tips


Your new iPhone screen will start on a Welcome screen that will assist you with transferring your information from the previous phone to your new device. We recommend confirming your data transfer looks complete on the new device before erasing your old device to ensure you don’t lose anything important.

Here are a couple links that can assist you with the process if you need additional information.

Apple’s iPhone Data Transfer using Quick Start instructions

Apple Support video for doing a Data Transfer

We also have included a link to a Youtube video we found that describes the process quite thoroughly. Please note you will have to move your physical SIM card to the new phone, instead of transferring an eSIM.


Samsung recommends using a free app called Smart Switch to transfer information from your old phone to your new Samsung device. The new phone will require the SIM card to be installed before starting this process and then will walk you through the process.

We also have a link below to Samsung’s instructions that should help if you have questions or run into any troubles.

Samsung Smart Switch data transfer instructions


Google Pixel data transfer instructions