Outlook Mobility offers several different options for Internet depending on your location and the type of service you need. You will find some details below to help you find the right Internet service for you.

SaskTel InterNET is a wired DSL service that provides a variety of speeds and is available in a large number of communities in Outlook and the surrounding area. In order to get SaskTel InterNET, you will need to live in a town that has the service available and then your address will determine what speeds will be available at your location.

Fusion Internet is a Wireless internet service that works anywhere with a good line-of-sight to a tower that provides Fusion service. This service is a great option if you do not have access to a wired DSL service such as on a farm or in a community that does not have wired DSL. Contact us with your Land Location or physical address if you live in a town and we can do a lookup to determine if you can get Fusion Internet.

Mobile Internet is a portable Wireless internet service that works through a cellphone or mobile internet device. This is a great option if you are often on the go or if you only need internet occasionally and your usage varies. It will adjust the pricing based on how much data you use, so if you use very little it is affordable to have around but will adjust if you happen to need more without having to change your plan.

Wood River Controls is another Wireless internet service that works in a few resort communities and can provide a similar service to a Wired DSL connection. The areas it serves are limited so we recommend checking the community list or contacting us and we can confirm if it is available for you.

If you aren’t sure which internet option will work in your area or if you are unsure which suit your needs best, please give us a call at (306) 867-2273 and we will be happy to assist you.