Frequently Asked Questions

Your temporary PIN is your 10 digit phone number. It is used during the initial setup of your Voicemail service, but you will be prompted to pick a permanent PIN you need to make sure to remember.

Example: Your phone number is: 1 (306) 867-2273. Your Temporary PIN is: 3068672273.
You can check the balance owing on your device by texting "Upgrade" to 43383.

This amount will be the remaining amount to buy out of your contract you signed when purchasing a phone, but it will not include any outstanding bill payments or any amount you have Financed/Plus Priced. This number is based on the amount of Subsidy SaskTel provided you when you purchased your phone on a contract and how many months of the contract you have remaining.
iPhones - We need you to ensure you have your:
  1. Device Passcode
  2. Apple ID password
Android Phones - We need you to ensure you have your:
  1. Device Passcode
  2. Google Account password
  3. Samsung Account password (If you have a different Samsung account than your Google Account)
Additionally, we recommend bringing any Email Passwords or passwords for any other accounts you may want assistance ensuring it gets put onto your new device.

If you can't figure out what your password is, please bring as much information as possible and we can try to assist you with resetting the password.
Turning your phone off and then back on or selecting the Restart option will sometimes resolve this.

If this doesn't resolve it, we will often recommend re-installing the SIM card as a second step to try. If you need assistance with this, we are happy to help you do this when you bring your phone in-store.
VoLTE is Voice over LTE.

A VoLTE capable device allows your device to make calls over a LTE network instead of the 3G network. This provides a higher quality signal which can improve clarity as well as allow your phone to continue to use the LTE network instead of the 3G network for data during a call. This means you will get faster data speeds while talking on a VoLTE call, which is especially useful if you are multi-tasking.

Also, it is worth noting that VoLTE will be serving as a replacement for calling over 3G and will eventually replace the 3G calling network. This is currently happening with many USA based carriers throughout 2022, so we recommend making sure you have a VoLTE capable device to ensure you can use all the carrier networks in the USA.
VoWiFi is Voice over Wi-Fi

VoWiFi allows you to make calls over Wi-Fi if you have poor cell signal. This feature is available on most current iPhones and is coming to more devices as they become capable of using this feature.

VoWiFi is incredibly useful if you are in a location with a poor Cellular Signal that happens to have a strong Wi-Fi connection. This could be in a rural location with a good internet connection or a large metal covered building such as a rink that the cellular signal just doesn't get through very well. Using VoWiFi in these situations will allow your phone to more reliably make phone calls without having to go search for a strong cell signal.

You will have to ensure you Enable VoWiFi on your device as there is some information required to assist 1st Responders as these VoWiFi calls don't provide the same information to 911 as compared to a standard 3G or VoLTE call.